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About Us

Maya Power

Maya Power brings experience and industry knowledge to guarantee you a convenient experience when you adopt a solar system with us. Solar technology and financing options are quickly evolving, making the transition to a clean energy easier than ever!
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Our values

What Maya Power stands for


Considering that no customer is the same, we optimize your needs and return on investment with tailored solutions.


We firmly believe in protecting our clients' investments by offering products and services that guarantee a high performance.

Quality of service

Our priority is to ensure convenience and transparency throughout the installation process.


Did you know that a solar system is...


Photovoltaic technology is a proven and safe concept worldwide. Safety is also our main priority.

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Be part of the revolution and power up your property with zero emissions!


In addition to our quality of service and protection plans, our suppliers offer product warranties for up to 25 years.


Not only will you have control over producing cheaper energy, you can also take advantage of tax incentives to acquire your photovoltaic system.


A solar system ensures you have a predictable cost of energy, as opposed to depending from the rising costs of the grid.

Our process

By following these 5 easy steps you can start saving on your next bill