Frequent questions

How much does a photovoltaic system cost?

We firmly believe that every solar system is unique. We consider your individual needs and the space available in your property to offer you the most competitive and reliable solution on the market.

Why do you need my electricity bill?

By understanding your electricity consumption, we get a better understanding of the size of the PV system you will need, as well as a better estimate of your return on investment.

Is my roof suitable for installation?

We offer solutions that adapt to all types of roof. If you are not sure if your roof meets the requirements, or if you need a roofing job schedule a technical visit with us.

How does it work?

Visit our How it Works tab where we explain in detail!

Do you offer financing plans?

Of course! We have partnered with financial institutions in the US and El Salvador that promote the development of green projects such as PV systems by offering favorable rates.

If the electrical grid is not working, will I be able to receive electricity from my solar panels?

This depends on the type of photovoltaic system you have. If your system does not include batteries or an electrical generator, the solar panels will not work. This will protect your property and the technicians who are repairing the electrical system in your region.

If I have batteries or a generator on my property and there is no electricity in my area, will I be able to use all the electrical devices on my property?

This depends on how robust your energy storage system is. If you have limited backup, you will be able to use only the loads that are connected to your critical loads panel. If you invested in a fully-backed system, access to electricity will depend on how much power you consume relative to the battery bank or generator you have.

Do you have other questions?